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Traveller Removals Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about traveller evictions or gypsy removals? The Bailiff Company is here for you!

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Gypsy Removals

Specialist traveller evictions services for homes, businesses and local authorities!

How Can I Get Rid of Travellers?

If there are uninvited gypsies or travellers camped on private or public land, they can be difficult to evict. Local councils will often rely on the police force, in conjunction with professional bailiffs, to safely deliver traveller evictions. However, if travellers are camped on private land, it will be your responsibility to evict them.

How Can I Remove Travellers Off My Land?

When travellers are camped on your private land, you need to get in touch with our team of professional bailiffs. We can help you to remove travellers and gypsies as quickly as possible, without breaching the law.

How Do I Get Gypsy Caravans Off My Land?

If you’re struggling with traveller caravans or structures on your land, you need a professional team of bailiffs. Even if they are on your land, you cannot legally tow them yourself. Our professional bailiffs have the equipment and machinery to remove gypsy caravans and horse boxes safely and legally.

How Can I Get Gypsies Off My Car Park?

If travellers are camped on your car park, they can be difficult to remove. If the car park is council property, report it. However, if the car park is commercial, or privately-owned, you need an experienced team of bailiffs to remove the encampment yourself.

How Can I Get Gypsies Off a Retail Park?

Gypsies and travellers camped on a retail park can serious harm your commercial profits. Calling in a professional team of bailiffs can be the only way to safely, and quickly remove gypsies and travellers from your retail park.For safe, legal gypsy eviction services, get in touch today!

How Can I Get Squatters Off My Commercial Property?

Once they are on your property, it can be incredibly difficult to safely remove squatters. If you require specialist squatters’ removal from your commercial property, you need to employ a team of experienced bailiffs. We can provide squatter removal services from all kinds of commercial properties, including shops, hotels and retail parks.

Can our Bailiffs Enforce a Court Order for Possession?

If you already have a possession order against the trespassers on your land, we can help you to enforce it. Our experienced bailiffs can transfer the Court Order into a High Court Writ, allowing us to enter your land and remove the trespassers legally. Our specialist team can ensure that your trespassers, whether they are squatters or travellers, are removed from your property.

I Have Gypsies on My Land; What Can I Do?

If you have gypsies on your private land, you need to contact them. This can be intimidating, but it is a necessary step when removing travellers. If your unwanted guests refuse to leave your property, you need to call professional bailiffs. Our experienced team will remove these gypsies from your private property.

Commercial Rent Collection

Legal Debt and Commercial Rent Collection Services

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

Commercial Lease Forfeiture Services Across the UK

Commercial Services Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for commercial bailiff services? Get in touch with the Bailiff Company today!

How Can I Forfeit a Commercial Lease?

You can forfeit a commercial lease without a court order or a solicitor. You also do not need to give the tenant any notice of this action. Simply get in touch with our professional bailiffs, and we will attend the property out-of-hours. With a locksmith, we will peaceably enter the property and change the locks to prevent the tenant from re-entering. For specialist commercial lease forfeiture services, call the Bailiff Company today.

As A Commercial Landlord, How Can I Recover Rent Arrears?

If your tenant is in commercial rent arrears, our team of bailiffs can help you to recover the debt. We can help you to get the money you are owed at absolutely no cost to you. All our costs will be recouped from the tenant’s side in the disagreement, making the service completely free to landlords.

How Can I Recover Business Debts?

Our sister company (CEA Ltd) has experienced negotiators who will establish contact with your debtor to secure payment. We remain within all late payment of commercial debt legislation, and can help to improve your company’s cash flow. If payment is still not made, our business debt recovery team will guide you through the court process to the enforcement of a writ.

I’m Owed Money & Have a Judgement – What’s the Next Step?

If you already have a judgement (CCJ) against a debtor, we can transfer this CCJ into a High Court Writ. This High Court Writ will then be carried out by a Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff). Our expert team can guide you through the entire process and help you get the money you are owed.


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