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Here at CEA Ltd, we’re proud to offer commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) services to landlords for free! Our bailiffs recoup fees from the tenant, making our services completely free to landlords across the country.

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If you’re a commercial landlord, and one of your tenants is behind on their rent, our experienced team are here for you. Our specialist bailiffs can help you, free of charge! At Civil Enforcement Agents Ltd, we’re able to act within the law to recover your debts safely. Where required, we take possession of property and goods on the premises. These items are then auctioned to recover your debts. For commercial rent arrears recover and collection services, call CEA Limited today.

Our experienced certificated enforcement agents, otherwise known as bailiffs, will carry out the collection completely within the law, and under the Courts & Tribunals Act 2007. If your commercial tenant has fallen into arrears, our bailiffs can help you with commercial rent arrears recovery and support you throughout the process.

How Will Our Bailiffs Collect on Commercial Rent Arrears?

Once we receive the information from you regarding the commercial rent arrears, we will work quickly. Firstly, we send a Notice of Enforcement – a legal document which can only be sent by Certificated Enforcement Agents.

This notice of enforcement will be accompanied by a fair Compliance Period. The Compliance Period is the amount of time the tenant has to pay their debt before we can arrive on-site. If the commercial tenant fails to pay, in-full, before the end of the period, one of our bailiffs will attend the commercial premises unannounced.

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If the tenant cannot pay our bailiff on-site, or provide proof of payment, we are able to take control of goods on the premises – this can include stock and administrative equipment. In the event that the tenant still refuses to pay, or is unable to, we will remove these goods and auction them to recover your commercial rent arrears. At CEA Limited, we deliver a commercial rent arrears recovery service which is second to none for properties across the UK.

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How Much Does It Cost to Recover Commercial Rent Arrears?

Here at Civil Enforcement Agents Ltd, we don’t believe you should have to pay extra to recover commercial debts from your tenants. Our bailiffs won’t charge you a penny when it comes to collecting your rent arrears. If you want to take advantage of our professional CRAR services, all our costs will be recouped from your tenant.

As such, our CRAR services are completely free to the landlord, making them a popular choice for commercial property owners of all kinds!

What Do I Need to Begin Commercial Rent Arrears Collection?

All you need in order to start collecting the commercial rent arrears you are owed is a completed Warrant of Control. This warrant acts as a legal document proving that the property is yours, and that the commercial tenant owes you rent.

As soon as you have a completed Warrant of Control, simply email it to our team of experienced bailiffs. We will start work straight away to inform your tenant of our involvement in the commercial rental case.

How Long Do I Have to Start CRAR Collection Service?

If you are owed commercial rent from one or more of your tenants, it is best to move fast. In many cases, businesses will continue trading without paying rent before going into administration. Once a business does go into administration, our bailiffs will not be able to collect any rent or take possession of their property.

If one of your tenants is in commercial rent arrears, it is better to call our experienced team as soon as possible. Our certificated enforcement agents will help you to get the rent you are owed for your commercial space.

For Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery & Collection, Call CEA Limited Today

Here at Civil Enforcement Agents Ltd, we provide a full range of certificated enforcement agent services to suit your needs. Our experts can collect commercial rent from a wide range of properties, including retail outlets, offices and more. Our agents operate within the law to collect commercial rent arrears from parties unwilling to pay.

For more information on our complete range of CRAR services in the UK, get in touch today. We will help you to get the rent you’re entitled to. Simply call our experienced team today on 0113 418 2817 or use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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